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The Art of Ping Pong


The Art of Ping Pong is a collaboration between Fivefootsix and some of the most exciting, influential and upcoming artists and illustrators creating a series of bespoke ping pong paddles to raise money for BBC Children in Need.

FiveFootSix approached ROLL Studio to design and build a bespoke auction experience for this very good cause. I worked with the ROLL team from early wireframes to final design and build QA to deliver functional, direct copy with a strong focus on CTA.

The Auction

The Auction

The project began in 2013, with 10 artists taking part and raised £1,000 for BBC Children in Need. This figure more than tripled to £3,500 in 2014, when 21 artists were featured. The 2015 auction raised £4500, and grabbed the attention of Wallpaper magazine, as well a pop-up extension of the exhibition at Shoreditch House.



To host the online auction for 2015, ROLL Studio created a simple, playful and beautiful site to celebrate the bespoke paddles. Rather than interrupting the user experience by redirecting to eBay to bid on the paddles in previous years, the ROLL development team built a bespoke online auction platform, powered by Braintree.

Both the website and app delivered a bidding system, for which I wrote all calls to action, email notifications and general UX copy.

By working closely with the design team from the initial concept phase we were able to create a beautiful, easy to use bidding platform to raise money for a worthy cause.

With open collaboration and feedback from FiveFootSix I produced clear and concise technical copy that did not distract users from the artworks for the website and app, while still managing to embrace the kitschy vibe of ping pong wherever I could. 



The app featured proximity notifications delivered to users smartphones via Bluetooth-powered Beacons at the Art of Ping Pong exhibition space. 
Faced with the challenge of explaining this relatively unknown technology to a design-based audience, I worked closely with the UX designer to write uncomplicated instructions and information to accompany the notifications we planned the Beacons to send.