Ray-Ban Courage

Ray Ban

In a world where fear trumps courage, the most iconic sunglasses brand on the planet aims to inspire and encourage courage.

Ray-Ban approached Stinkdigital wanting to rise above merely posting content for content’s sake, to devise social stunts, experiences, content and conversations to activate their 2016 campaign, #ITTAKESCOURAGE.

We designed the online platform, and executions for the courage to open your heart act. I wrote the campaign and act manifestos, UX copy, devised the social activation component, and wrote copy for the films, and product components.

Campaign Hub

Campaign Hub

To create a single destination for the 8 acts of courage playing out across the year, and build strong connections between social, we designed a web platform that brings to together the content, product and experiences.

To ensure each activation feels like it was cut from the same cloth, we applied one overall aesthetic, platform voice and a single hashtag across the entire campaign.

Eye to Eye: A Social Experiment In Courage

Studies have shown that looking into someone’s eyes for just 4 minutes can create a deeply emotional and meaningful connection, even between complete strangers.

We found 10 people from different backgrounds and brought them together to see if they could open their hearts to each other and share stories that have defined who they are today.

The subjects’ relationships were revealed following the films, creating an emotional and suspenseful story of courage in the process. 

Social activation

Opening up to someone is one of the hardest things you can do. We translated the need to walk before you can run into a series cute, sharable gifs of little things you could try to show how you had the courage to open your heart, by illustrator Stevie Gee.